• Let's learn about diapers
    Let's learn about diapers Dec 08 , 2022
    Good quality diapers for baby 360 elastic waistband,it is more comfortable for the baby to wear.Breathable absorption core is more soft for baby and Double the happiness, the baby will not leak urine even if he sleeps on his side
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  • How to use baby diapers
    How to use baby diapers Nov 29 , 2022
    1. It is very important to arrange the elastic band between the baby's legs. The outermost elastic band must be pulled out. This is the key to preventing side leakage. 2. According to the growth status of the baby, "upgrade" the diapers in time. 3. After the baby defecates, it must be cleaned and replaced immediately, washed in time with water or cleaned with a wet tissue, and the baby can also be...
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  • How to use sanitary pad
    How to use sanitary pad Nov 25 , 2022
    ❶Open the package that wraps the sanitary napkin and take out the sanitary napkin ❷Fix the sanitary napkin on the underwear. ※The sanitary napkin without wings only needs to be glued on. ❸The wings of wing-type sanitary napkins are foldable. If the crotch of the physiological pants is 2 layers, the wings can be inserted into the gap between the 2 layers ❸When using wing-type sanitary napkins, plea...
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  • Wet wipes on sale
    Wet wipes on sale Nov 24 , 2022
    Since this wipes are on sale, the price is very affordable. The pack of 60 pcs wet wipes has been sold out, now only 15 pcs per pack and 120 pcs per pack are left,。 if you are looking for wet wipes products, please contact us as soon as possible
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  • Keep the surface of diapers dry
    Keep the surface of diapers dry Nov 21 , 2022
    Medical experts said that the quality of sleep at night has a very important impact on the baby's physical growth, bone development, intellectual development, and temperament development. From 10:00 pm to 2:00 am is the most golden time for the baby to grow up. Therefore, young mothers are advised to Pay enough attention to the baby's sleep quality, don't change diapers frequently, it is best to c...
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  • How to choose diapers in different periods?(Toddler period (after 13 months)
    How to choose diapers in different periods?(Toddler period (after 13 months) Nov 11 , 2022
    Elastic and comfortable, easy to put on and take off Babies who enter the toddler period should focus on choosing diapers that are elastic and comfortable, and can be put on and taken off freely. Most of the babies at this time are very active and curious about things. They should not choose bloated diapers to restrict their activities. The elastic design of the diaper is easy to put on and take o...
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  • Tima Lady sanitary napkins
    Tima Lady sanitary napkins Nov 10 , 2022
    This is our company's sanitary napkin brand, a sanitary napkin that is very suitable for African customers. The length is 290 mm with 7piece per pack, high absorption capacity, both cotton surface and mesh surface, welcome to contact us
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  • The load capacity is relatively large and does not require frequent replacement
    The load capacity is relatively large and does not require frequent replacement Nov 01 , 2022
    The baby's skin is very sensitive to touch and is more sensitive to adverse stimuli. As long as there is a little discomfort, the baby will feel very uncomfortable. The area of diapers in contact with the baby's skin is very large, and they are not separated for almost 24 hours. Therefore, choose underwear-like diapers that are ultra-thin, fit, soft, and have a good material touch to provide your ...
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