• Diapers Loading
    Diapers Loading May 12 , 2022
    The city has been raining for several days In order to enable customers to sell in their market as soon as possible, our staff are still struggling, all for the sake of customers. If you have any need,feel free to contact us.We are 24 hours on line.
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  • Causes of allergies to baby diapers(1)
    Causes of allergies to baby diapers(1) May 10 , 2022
    elastic diaper Reason: diapers that are too tight and not ventilated may also cause allergies. Targeting method: When putting diapers, the back is slightly higher than the abdomen, which can prevent urine from seeping out from the back. When the baby wears diapers, if the marking on the glue is the criterion, fix the left and right sides first, and then remember to adjust the hem of the waist and ...
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  • Notice of holidays
    Notice of holidays Apr 29 , 2022
    May Day holiday: 30th April to 3rd May , wish you and family a happy holiday!  If you have any need,we are 24 hours on line.
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  • When should a diaper be changed?
    When should a diaper be changed? Apr 27 , 2022
    In principle, diapers should be changed as long as they are wet or dirty. Generally speaking, diapers should be changed within 4 hours, and must be changed when there is stool. However, it is impossible for everyone to observe the baby in real time, and there may be omissions. It is recommended that you focus on the following time points to improve efficiency: 1. 10-20 minutes after each feeding o...
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  • Train transportation to delivery 6 containers baby diaper
    Train transportation to delivery 6 containers baby diaper Apr 22 , 2022
    After the epidemic, our hongfutai company is actively preparing for shipment. We thank our customers for their understanding and support. We also try our best to get the shipping space of six cabinets, which will be loaded in one day and delivered to the customer's warehouse at the same time. I wish him smooth business and turn the order as soon as possible.
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  • prepare new pictures for customers
    prepare new pictures for customers Apr 21 , 2022
    We are an enterprise specializing in the production of evening products, with more than 20 years of professional experience. Constant updating is our unchanging principle. Even for things as small as product pictures, we are as meticulous as ever.
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  • The loading in April
    The loading in April Apr 15 , 2022
    Today, the staff is preparing the goods to be sent to Kingston early. It is a busy day. Our factory supports OEM&ODM customization service, if you need it, please contact us soon!
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  • The tips for wipes
    The tips for wipes Apr 13 , 2022
    Wet wipes are moistened paper towels used to wipe the skin. The wet tissue paper on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one is that it has been disinfected itself, but cannot disinfect other items. It contains skin care ingredients and can only be used for moisturizing and maintenance of the skin. The other type is the disinfectant wipes that are not only disinfected themselves,...
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