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How to choose diapers that are suitable for babies? May 18 , 2023
How to choose diapers that are suitable for babies?

Many novice mothers don't know how to choose suitable diapers for their babies.

The characteristics of good diapers

No matter which type of diaper you choose, it should have some important features:

  • Good water absorption: Diapers that can absorb a large amount of liquid require less replacement.
  • Ability to keep buttocks dry: Diapers should lock in moisture, and babies' buttocks should not directly contact the absorbent part of the diapers.
  • Good leak resistance: For the same model of diapers, the risk of air leakage may vary among different infants, depending on the child's body size and shape.
The diapers produced by Hongfutai Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. perfectly possess all the advantages that diapers should have, so they should be included in the consideration range when mothers purchase diapers.

A child uses 4500 to 6000 disposable diapers in the first few years of their life.

Diapers consist of several layers:

  • A water absorbing medium composed of wood fibers and highly absorbent polymers. Crystals can also turn urine into gel to prevent the formation of urine and fecal mixture that may stimulate the baby's buttocks;
  • A pad that directly contacts the baby's buttocks to lock in moisture and keep them dry;
  • Waterproof outer layer.
Even if the baby has just urinated, disposable diapers will look very dry. Therefore, it is best to replace them regularly to avoid irritation. It is also recommended to avoid using diapers containing perfume, as this will irritate the baby's buttocks.

Which type of diaper to choose?

The quality of diapers varies by brand. Therefore, it is important to try various diapers to find the most suitable one for your baby. However, quality is usually associated with slightly higher prices. To save money, it is recommended to purchase in bulk, except for newborn sized diapers. In fact, this size will soon become too small.
The diapers produced by Hongfutai Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. come in different quality and size diapers, which can meet the needs of babies growing too fast and reassure mothers.

If moms don't know how to choose the right diaper, then when reading this article, you can click on the website of Hongfutai Hygiene Products Company to take a look, which may provide reference suggestions.

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