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How to Choose the Right Baby Diaper Size May 12 , 2023
1 .Baby diaper size selection

At present, the size of baby diapers on the market is quite reasonable and perfect. Mothers can choose the type of baby diapers according to the weight of the baby.

The general specifications are as follows:

Newborn babies under 5 kg are suitable for NB size diapers.
Babies weighing 4-8 kg can use size S diapers.
Babies weighing 6-11 kg need to provide comprehensive and comfortable protection, and are suitable for using size M diapers.
Babies weighing 9-14 kg are full of energy, lively and active, and are suitable for using size L diapers.
Babies over 12 kg are learning to walk and exploring the world full of curiosity. They are suitable for using XL or XXL size diapers.
Of course, this is only a common situation. Here, I would like to remind mothers to pay attention to the fact that babies with the same weight may choose different sizes of diapers due to their different body shapes. Therefore, mothers are advised to choose small packages to try first, and always pay attention to whether the baby needs to change to a new type of diapers, and do not buy too many diapers at one time, so as not to run out of waste.

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